What is CBDA?
What is CBDA

By J Gordon Curtis

Cannabidolic Acid (CBDA) and Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA) are increasing in popularity. Having recently entered the public spotlight, there is a tremendous amount of hype around these already. These are the naturally occurring forms of these cannabinoids. Users can find these cannabinoids readily in the plant as they act as a precursor to their non-acid counterparts. 

In the days of yore, anyone trying to consume cannabis raw may have received a mild mocking. That’s because common wisdom holds that there is no effect gained from cannabis before the application of heat. 

The name for this heating process is Decarboxylation. Through the application of heat, CBDA and THCA convert quickly THC and CBD.

This process happens instantly when smoking the plant. In this instance, the lighter acts as the heating catalyst, immediately converting the precursors. Anyone who may have experimented with edibles before is likely to try the “oven method.” In this method, you gently heat the flower in the oven, converting the chemicals without burning it.

All this emphasis rests on the conversion of the acidic cannabinoids. What if there’s more to it than that though? What if there are benefits to the precursor cannabinoids on their own?

The Scientific Research About CBDA

As a naturally occurring, well-known cannabinoid, CBDA has had quite a few studies on its effects. As with all cannabis research, it is still in its infancy. Still, several promising beginnings have already taken place.

To name a few:

  • Depression – A study actually found CBDA to have a much greater affinity for the 5-HT1A receptor. This receptor handles the regulation of Serotonin and Dopamine. These two complex and very important chemicals are essential to balance a person’s emotions and moods.

  • Nausea – This is another area where the acidic version may be more powerful than CBD on its own. The linked study found that even very low doses effectively reduce nausea. 

  • NSAID – Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs assist in inflammation without the use of steroids. CBDA has some research suggesting it to be an immensely helpful way to combat pain and inflammation.

There have even been some very promising studies on its effects against a very potent, sudden respiratory illness that we are not allowed to link. Anyone interested can google any acute illnesses in the respiratory system they can think of along with “CBDA” and will likely find it.

These are the most promising studies but this list is far from exhaustive. As the popularity continues to rise, more research is likely to occur. 

Consuming CBDA

The most popular way to consume CBDA is through fresh hemp flower. It’s important to remember that even moderately warm temperatures can decarboxylate. As such, many companies also offer tinctures, edibles, and other, more stable, products.

 One of the biggest benefits of CBDA is that it’s one of the few molecules that people can experiment with at home. Since it expresses itself in the flower naturally, tinctures, edibles, and other methods of consumption are easy. 

 The only element required is quality, fresh hemp. 

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