is weed legal in nashville?
is weed legal in nashville

In Tennessee, marijuana is still illegal, but there are various options available that make the situation more complex than a simple yes or no answer. Despite the lack of a medical marijuana program or legalized cannabis in Nashville, there are potent products accessible to both locals and visitors. These products, such as Delta 9 edibles, Delta 8 edibles, and THCa flower, are nearly identical to THC products found in states with legal marijuana programs.

Are cannabis edibles legal in Nashville?

Delta 9 THC, which is just another term for THC, is legal as long as it contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by weight, according to the federal government’s 2018 Farm Bill. This allows for 10mg THC edibles and other cannabis products to be sold in Nashville, TN.

Is weed legal in Nashville, TN?

High quality THCa flower is another legal hemp product that can be sold in Tennessee. While cannabis with high THCa and low Delta 9 THC is legal in Tennessee, marijuana bought from states with recreational programs is not legal in Nashville.

However, for those planning to visit Nashville or travel to nearby states with legal weed, there are alternative options available that can provide.

Where can I buy legal cannabis in Nashville?

You can purchase legal cannabis from two of our Nashville dispensaries or order it online!
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