Buds and Brews – Nashville’s first cannabis restaurant
buds and brews

What is it?

Buds and Brews is the first cannabis-infused restaurant and bar in Tennessee, featuring a full dispensary, a wide drink selection, and delicious pub food. They offer THC-infused sauces and the option to rent a vaporizer. It’s Nashville’s exclusive place for cannabis-infused food, but not all items contain cannabis; only those labeled in red do. Their regular drinks, food, and sauces are cannabis-free.

How is it legal?

In Tennessee, THC is regulated based on the weight of the product. Condiments, sauces, and liquids can have higher THC content because they are denser than flower or extracts. Buds and Brews uses locally grown and extracted cannabis to infuse their sauces and beverages, all of which contain hemp-derived THC that’s legal in Tennessee under the 2018 Farm Bill. They rigorously test their products from cultivation to serving to ensure quality and potency, and they comply with both state and federal laws. Every item they sell is 100% hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

What’s good on the menu?

The highlight here is their amazing sauce selection with over 20 THC-infused options to enhance your meal. Each 2 oz sauce contains 60 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract and 5 mg of THC. You’ll find familiar choices like BBQ, Ranch, Caesar, as well as unique ones like garlic butter, marinara, sesame seed oil, and jerk sauce. They offer a variety of dishes, including nachos, wings, salads, sandwiches, tacos, and delectable THC-infused sweets like brownies and skillet cookies.

For drinks, they have a comprehensive bar menu featuring traditional options like beer, spirits, wine, and cocktails. Additionally, there’s a special menu with THC-infused mocktails, such as old fashioneds, bloody marys, and margaritas, covering all your classic favorites. They also offer fun choices like jello shots, infused seltzers, and more!

Where are they located?

They are located at the corner of 3rd and Monroe in Germantown, Nashville!

Address: 1244 3rd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208
Hours: 11am-12:30 am daily

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